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Shampoo and conditioner bars are simply better for you.

Right Bars gets you the best bars, scientifically chosen for your hair.

How Right Bars works

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Shampoo bar

We’ll send you 3 shampoo and 3 conditioner mini bars picked for you

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Why bars


3 large bottles

~$30 - $100

Laden with chemicals

Often tested on animals

70-80% water

Travel restrictions

Plastic waste


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1 bar

Only $15 each

100% natural


0% water

No travel restrictions


Why Right Bars

No more guesswork

Right Bars analyzes the qualities of ingredients in hundreds of bars from top-notch creators - scientifically tailoring them to your hair type, condition and climate where you live.

Try then buy

No more wasting time and money on full products only to realize they’re a mismatch for your mane. Thanks to our scientific methods and complete satisfaction guarantee, you can explore worry-free.

Value for money

The trial bars you receive stack up to be the same as a complete shampoo and conditioner set - lasting you weeks. We know you appreciate value and deliver it.

Best of the best

All Right Bars are proudly handcrafted in the USA by small batch artisans, using premium all natural mostly organic ingredients. They are tested and analyzed (never on animals).

Right Bars are fun

Like a flight of beers at a brewery, the Right Bars trial gives your hair a tour of the best expertly crafted bars. Add a little adventure to your shower regimen.

Blends into your routine

Sure, it’s a slight change - lathering a bar into your hair, instead of squeezing from a bottle. But most guys find it easier, wondering why they didn’t even know about this.

Shower responsibly

Guys, let’s not let our hair hurt the planet. Plastic waste, transportation of mostly water, chemicals down the drain - liquid hair care is damaging to our environment.

Expert assistance

Our experts are a message away to get it right for you. Order online, or just text us (737.235.8396) with questions, extend the trial, or order full bars of the ones you like.

Money back guarantee

We are sure that Right Bars will fit right into your showering routine. If not, just let us know what didn’t work, and we’ll give you your money back.

AI powered

Right Bars is building the world’s largest anonymized repository of hair types via descriptions and images, matching them with combinations of hair care ingredients via AI-powered scientific and empirical analysis.

Mission: Improve humanity’s hair quality, prevent waste, and support small businesses.

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A few of the bar brands we partner with:

More brands are being added regularly.

Hair bar brands interested to be on Right Bars can contact us at

Beta testers are loving Right Bars

“I grew up using liquid products for my hair. One shower with Right Bars is all it took.”

- Nathaniel P.

“The beta test was so spot on. I can’t wait for the final service. Thrilled to have played a part.”

- Deven S.

“My favorite Right Bars made my hair feel fantastic! This is going to be a game changing service.”

- Ethan L.

“Had no idea there are these amazing sustainable haircare brands out there. Never using a big liquid brand again!”

- Michael L.

If you are a reporter or have a passionate social media following, we’d love for you to try Right Bars.

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